The Phonics Dance

The phonics dance consists of chants, dances and rhymes that help the children look for letters and "hunks" and "chunks" that are part of our language.  The decoding process is made easy because of the rhyme and movement in the learning.  The Phonics Dance gives young children one more strategy to use in their journey towards literacy.
Created by:  Ginny Dowd
Through the first couple months of k-1 we learn the Phonics Dance for the letters of the alphabet.  This is done daily so all the children should be familiar with it and be able to do it for you!  
We also start the hunks and chunks with all the k-1 students, as it is easy to chant and they will start to connect these with their daily reading and kid writing.
sh, ch, th, ow, ou, oo(book), oo(boot), ing, all, ar, or, oa, igh(ight), ea, ee, ay, ai(ain), eigh, ir, ur, er, oy, oi, tion, sion, ph, kn, wr, ed, wh, aw, au, augh, ough, ew, ui, ion, ow.
REMEMBER ~ once a "hunk" and "chunk" is added to your Phonics Dance Board they must dance those sounds EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"The Phonics Dance is  a spiral approach to language arts.  Initially you will see huge progress in the children's writing.  As the students in your room learn how to "hunk" and "chunk" the carry over into reading will be an easy one."
By:  Ginny Dowd
Below you will find the alphabet and beginning numbers in sign, since we use these during our phonics dance each day.  Enjoy!
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